Summer Camp Activities

Day and Evening activities are included in the weekly base price of camp. All campers participate in all activities allowing each camper to experience camp to the fullest. Accommodations often need to be made for the ever changing Florida weather. However we are flexible and every effort will be made to allow each camper the opportunity to participate in every activity they wish. No camper will be forced to participate in an activity they are not comfortable with.


Camp-ArcheryArchery – campers learn the basics of archery including safety, form and equipment.  Then, they use those skills to hit stationary and distance targets.

Shooting- campers learn the basics of target shooting including safety, form, and equipment; then use those skills to hit a series of targets.

Heritage- Campers learn some of the basic tools used by cattlemen on a ranch. Campers learn how to use a lariat and whips as well learn how these tools were used.

Hiking- Campers take to Bull Creek in a trek along its banks and through its waters while learning how these beautiful systems works. Campers will need clothes that can get wet and possible stained.

Creative Expressions Arts- Campers use a variety of media, including paint, crafts, and nature objects as well as participate in creative writing; a great activity for escaping the mid-day heat.

Creative Drama- Campers use their creative talents to create a short dramatic piece that they will perform in front of the camp. Campers write the script, create and dress the set, and make the props.



Horseback Trail Rides- Campers ride through the 4700-acres of Forever Florida on our trail horses and improve their riding skills.

Arena- This arena program teaches proper riding technique and helps improve a young rider’s ability. The program also contains time for using these skills to complete riding routines.

Barn Work- This program teaches the proper technique in handling and caring for horses. This is a work activity and campers will get sweaty and dirty.



Kayaking- Campers take kayaks through our camp pond and meandering creek, negotiating a course or competing against other campers’ times.

Low Ropes- Our Low Ropes course includes a team building area where teams of campers mostly work together to complete a challenge to improve their confidence, balance, strength, and attitude.

Water Games- During the hottest part of the day our campers cool off on our 20-foot inflatable waterside or 32-foot slip n slide.

Wild Coach- Our two-hour Wild Coach will take campers on an adventure deep into the 4700 acre Forever Florida wildlife conservation area preserved just as nature intended. This pristine site boasts nine distinct Florida ecosystems and an endless array of natural flora and fauna including alligators, black bears, white-tail deer, species of birds and the endangered Florida panther.




Field Sports: Our campers get a chance to pick variety of sports or games that are safe and appropriate to their age, interest and abilities from soccer, kickball, football  and even a man-hunt!

Movie Night: It’s everyone’s favorite night of the week! We offer age-appropriate and the most entertaining movies of all time for our campers.

Camp-Slip n Slide


Camp Fire: Gathering around a camp fire is an age old tradition for campers! At Camp Illahaw we want to keep tradition alive! We sing songs, tell stories and make Smores.

Airband Night: Another camp favorite! Campers pick a song and perform like their favorite band! It is time for you to take the stage and be a star!

Quiz Night: Our counselors prepare the most interesting fun fact questions for the campers divided into teams. The winner gets a prize!