Summer Camp Add-On Activities

Paintball [$50] – Campers break into teams and try to survive in our own paintball arena that includes towers, out buildings, nature and a new island fortress. Camp Illahaw supplies all the equipment including markers, paintballs, and safety equipment. Campers should bring pants and long sleeve shirt to use in this activity. Paint is 100% washable and rarely stains clothing.


Rawhide Round-up Cattle Round-up [$65] - Campers use the skills learned in the riding programs and put them to use working the cattle on the Crescent J Ranch. This program has campers riding deep into the ranch to learn the skills required to part, sort, and work cattle. New this year is the added use of our Cow Pens, where campers will learn how cattlemen sort, brand, and work cattle in a confined spaced. Campers will go out with their riding instructors as well as some of the Cattlemen of the Crescent J.

Advanced Horseback Lessons [$50] - Campers receive 1 hour of personal horseback training.  They will learn advanced maneuvers and techniques.


“Camper vs. Wild” Outdoor Survival [$50] – Being prepared for emergency situations and having a well established plan could mean the difference between life and death. Our goal is to build campers knowledge of wilderness survival skills. Campers will understand how to: formulate a rescue plan when lost or injured and build outdoor leadership/confidence skills. Tents will be provided.

Shooting Extreme [$50] – Campers will learn the basic gunmanship safety and handling of different guns. Skills for accuracy in shooting of skeet (sporting clays) with shotguns and long range targets with rifles will be practiced. This activity is supervised by staff certified in arms handling, experienced handling various firearms. Full use of eye, ear and safety equipment are required and the ammunition will be provided for each camper during the activity.


Zipline Adventure [$45] -  Prepare yourself for Florida’s wildest zipline experience. Soar through the treetops while the wild birds soar above on the biggest zipline adventure in Central Florida. From almost 70 feet above the ground you’ll experience Forever Florida’s wild lands like the birds do. Our expert guides will lead you safely over 7 ziplines and 3 sky bridges connecting 10 aerial platforms. Campers must meet the weight requirements of 55 lbs minimum and 265 lbs maximum.

Camp-Zip Tower (1)

Thrill Pack [$45] – Our newest adventure package features three of the most thrilling aerial adventures you’ll ever experience: The Rattlesnake – Scream through the treetops on America’s FIRST and ONLY zipline rollercoaster! The Pounce – One small step for you, one giant leap for your heart rate. Can you walk off a 7-story tower? The Plunge – Race side-by-side on a quarter mile aerial drag strip, Florida’s longest straightaway zipline. You’re not in the playground anymore. Campers must meet the weight requirements of 55 lbs minimum and 265 lbs maximum.

These Adventure Summer Camp activities are offered to campers for an additional fee above the base price for camp. These activities are scheduled during free time so that no camper misses an activity.  Accommodations are frequently made for weather conditions.