Counselor In Training

Program designed for ages 16 to 17

Price: $299 per week CIT session to cover the cost of room and board, extra paid activities not included

Dear Potential CIT:

I am excited about your interest in our CIT (Counselor in Training) program. This program is quickly becoming a staple in our camp, providing leadership training for possible future counselor roles in the community.

The CIT Program seeks to teach young people about responsibility, authority, and hard work that will prepare them to be counselors and leaders in the future, or to prepare them for college life. Being a camp counselor is a great summer job for college students. Our CIT program is a great way for young adults to gain the necessary experience and qualities needed to secure a job. Many camps look for past camp experience or CIT program experience.  We prefer our CIT’s be past Camp Illahaw campers but it isn’t required.

You will also earn 50 community hours per week!

Becoming a CIT is a big commitment, but it is a fun and memorable one. I guarantee you will learn, grow, and gain information and experience that will help in your future.

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Camp Director, Camp Illahaw
Phone: 407-957-9794

Past CIT/Volunteers‘ experiences and comments:

“My time as a CIT/Volunteer taught me a different perspective of “camp”. It was no longer about me just having fun at camp being a camper but now, as a CIT/Volunteer, I had to look after the younger kids to make sure they were safe and having fun. It taught me patience, like going last in getting food to make sure that they got fed. Also, when it came to the cattle round-up instead of being in front of the line, I was back making sure no kid got left behind and that no kid had problems with the horse. This time helped me to learn how to listen to the younger campers when they had a problem and challenged me to help them learn to problem solve. Now I was the mediator.

I feel that being a CIT/Volunteer helped me to grow as a person, to prepare me for future responsibilities, it taught me what it takes to be a counselor full time (hard job and yet my counselor put up with me and always made it fun). This experience this time around about me being self-less instead of focusing on me and my camp experience. It did teach me how hard it is to be a full time counselor and I have a load more respect for them now and what it took to always make my camp time fun.” – Andrea (i.e. Donkey always)