Camp Illahaw’s “Cow-Town” Look
Camp Illahaw sports the theme of “Old Florida”. Our Mess Hall, Bathhouse, Counselor Cabin, and Recreation Room are the beginning of Main Street.

Boys and Girls Dorm
Set in the style of an old-Florida cracker-town from the 1800’s, our dormitories and activity rooms serve as the perfect home base for the week’s activities. We have a boys dorm and a girls dorm each with 30 camper capacity. Counselor to camper ratio is 6:1 at night so counselors stay in the dorm with campers all night.  With so much to do, campers can stay for multiple weeks with no additional charge for overnights between sessions and we also offer laundry service free of charge!

The Forever Florida Visitor Center
Is home to the Cypress Restaurant, the Forever Florida Marketplace and serves as the departure point for fun adventures offered through Forever Florida.