What time is Check – In and Check- Out ?
Arrival at the camp is between 1pm – 2pm Sunday afternoon. Simply follow the orange ‘Camp Illahaw’ signs from the reserve entry until you reach the camp entrance. Parking is available on the grass air strip area on the right hand side of the road. Pick up is at 10am Saturday morning. Unless your camper wants to stay on for another session – in which case, please let us know and we can arrange another week of fun!

Can a camper stay over on Saturday until Sunday if they are coming for multiple weeks in a row?
Yes, we will accommodate campers that are staying over for another week. Laundry facilities are also available at no cost for our multiple week campers.

Can I call my camper during the week?
Generally speaking, no. We take no pleasure in limiting this sort of contact; rather, we believe that one of the important benefits of the camping experience is gaining independence and self-reliance. Telephone calls frequently defeat that goal. We encourage both parents and campers to write letters to keep in touch. However, campers will be allowed to make phone calls home on Fridays. Of course, we make exceptions in cases of emergency.

Can I send a package to my child at camp?
Yes. Generally speaking, letters are more important than packages but a couple of packages over the course of the session can be fun. We encourage you to send non-electronic toys, magazines, games and the like in packages.

Can I email or snail mail my child?
We encourage you to send a snail mail rather  than e-mailing your child. We are located far from town and we do not always get a chance to buy ink and it is costly. Please mail a letter  to your child by Wednesday so it gets delivered here on time.

How many kids are in the cabin?
We have two separate dorms for boys and girls. Each dorm has the capacity of accommodating  31 campers.

Who will take care of my camper’s medical needs during the camp week?
Our CPR and First Aid counselors will disperse medications, take care of injured or ill campers and monitor the overall health of all campers.

What is the meaning of Illahaw?
ILLAHAW ( Ill-a-ha ): The name comes from the Indian word Yalaha, meaning “orange”!

It is also known as ghost town. Illahaw was a small turpentine community with a station along the Florida East Coast Railroad Kissimmee Valley Extension.

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